642 Days of Writing Day 7: Kisses

Day 7: Describe your first kiss, most recent kiss, and next kiss


In reality it was five seconds. In Mitchell’s mind, as he stood facing his future wife, about to lean down and place a kiss of promise on her lips, it felt like eternity.

He felt like he was eleven years old again, about to lean in for his first ever kiss on the lips. Those short six inches might as well have been seven thousand miles as he leaned in. Should he tilt his head to the right or left? How much should he pucker? How did anybody aim for the lips with their eyes closed? He remembered how it felt when his lips landed, awkwardly off center. Her lips were soft, and just a little slippery from the lip gloss she wore. Tentatively, he stuck his tongue out. She pulled away and he wish he hadn’t. They had stood staring at each other for the briefest of moments before looking sheepishly away. His hands were still on her waist. Experimentally, he lifted them, thinking he was letting her know she was free to go. Was he supposed to leave first or wait for her to make the first move? God, he still had to sit next to her in the classroom. How was he supposed to learn fractions when he had just kissed a girl today?

Mitchell flushed a little reliving his first kiss and briefly wondered what he was supposed to do after this particular very public kiss. If it were up to him, he would smooch Trisha to bits for agreeing to be his wife, but that would be inappropriate given everybody they knew and their mother were sitting just a few feet away. How awkward. He couldn’t kiss his wife the way he wanted, but he wasn’t going to skimp just because they had an audience. And what was he supposed to do once he was done giving his wife a passionate yet very appropriate kiss? Do they thank the priest first? Just go ahead an walk down the aisle? Mitchell decided that kissing to finalize the marriage was a dumb custom.

Trisha’s face was getting closer. That was when Mitchell realized he had forgotten to lift the veil. Trisha gave him a look from under, slightly annoyed but more amused. It was one of his favorite expressions, her mouth would frown, yet her eyes were playful and smiling. Mitchell winked at her as he lifted her veil. She smiled back at him and in that moment all nervous thoughts fled from his head.

This was the woman he was going to marry. The woman who kissed him on the cheek every morning before she left for work, The woman whom he kissed every night before bed. The woman who had pulled him aside before the wedding started, before they had to go get dressed, to kiss him in the handicapped bathroom, just cause she had always wanted to make out in a bathroom. This was the woman he loved.

And so Mitchell decided on the type of kiss he would give his wife on their wedding day. He would draw her close, one hand on her waist and the other just below her chin, just as she liked in all of her romantic comedies. He would touch his lips to hers firmly but briefly, to pull away slowly. He wanted to see the slow smile spread across her face as he pulled away. It was that particular smile he was after, the one of complete and simple contentment. He decided he could smooch her to bits another day.

After all, he would be kissing this woman for a long long time.


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