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All night long

This is (not) a team effort

Thomas_Burke_The_Nightmare_engravingShadows are glaring with
judgement and fury, sharp
teeth dig invisible
holes in my soul.

My nightmares and demons
I hate them–I need them.
They push me to pleading
all night long.

Feast! Feast on my dreams
digest them in screams-
dying echoes reverberate
through fingers and toes.

My thoughts they aren’t stopping
And sweat seeps out, dropping
on tangled sheets–groping
all night long.

Slumber held hostage as
hatred gains mileage
beating indelible tracks
on this flesh-and-blood road.

The pillows are burning
My stomach is churning
I’m tossing and turning
all night long.

Your prompt: Affogato

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