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Spring Break!

oops. so much for posting more over winter break and throughout the school year.

anyways. I suppose it’s because there’s not much to post about. I mean, I lead a fairly typical college student life. Eat crappy food, skip class, pull all nighters etc. But now, heh, but now there is something to post about.


This year I’ve an awesome opportunity to spend spring break with friends in Panama City, Panama, get this, in the Westin Hotel. Sunny weather, beaches, nice accommodation, and best of all, open bar. I’m super excited. But I’ll be honest, I guess I was a bit nervous coming on this trip.

1) I generally don’t like people. I’m not about to become a total hermit, but I’m not the social butterfly my third grade teacher once called me. My quota for people is probably lower than the average person’s and I guess I was just worried about being cranky. Despite living in a dorm and seeing people everyday at all hours of the day, it’s not quite the same as spending every waking moment with the same people. Eating all meals with them, drinking with them and all that. There are very few people whom I can be with for that long and really not mind. Usually, I’ll keep up appearances and it’ll be fine, but it gets tiring. And at some point I’m bound to lose my cool. It’s only with weird aliens and you that I’m really fine spending copious amounts of time with. Mainly probably because I’m comfortable with y’all. But this should be good practice for me?

2) I’m spending shit tons on this trip. First plane tickets, and now accommodation and then any other expenses (like tipping! god I hate tipping.) I worry what my funds will look like after this trip. And I also worry about whether spending this much money is justified. I’m just spending it to have fun. No sort of self improvement or intellectual stimulation involved. It eats at my very asian core.

3) Beach = Bikini. Me = Self Conscious. Oivey. I tried (sort of?) to lose weight before this trip so I could look good in a bikini…yea. Didn’t happen. I like food too much. So now I have to go out in my fatty ass to tan and be judged…mainly by me.

So yea…that’s about it. I’mma try to search for a more asian me and take a crap load of photos and maybe I’ll share them 🙂 but it’s been a long day of traveling and I’m so ready to sleep in my five star hotel bed.



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